Recycling has been a cornerstone of RMA’s foundation in North America since 1985 when founder, Raf Van Gorp, invested in a polyolefin reclaim facility in Hempstead Texas. 

Since then, Ravago’s recycling footprint has grown to include a 180 acre site in Waller, TX and a 37 acre site in Manchester, TN.
Conveniently located near Houston, TX, the facility houses a manufacturing process with unique technology, including Erema system’s used for the recycling of thermoplastic waste. Recycling is implemented in one extraordinary operating step by means of a cutter compactor/extruder process combination. This mechanical design provides better repeatability and minimizes non-recyclable waste. Material properties with dependable on time deliveries are our primary goal and our equipment has been specifically designed to meet and exceed those needs of our customers.

Competence and creativity flourish in this division of Ravago where reclaim of PP and PE in the forms of pellet, powder, film, fiber, non-wovens, lump and chunk waste are formulated into useful applications using state of the art technology in Waller, TX for the automotive, agricultural and durables sectors.
Ravago’s unsurpassed machine capabilities provide for high output capacities and efficiencies in processing LDPE, HDPE and PP. Due to many of the unprocessed materials being made available for recycling, Ravago has integrated rare earth magnet and ferrous/non-ferrous equipment for both inbound and outbound segments of the process.
Ravago’s washline offers an aggressive water bath cycle to help remove unwanted contaminants during the process. Material is pre and post screened during the wash process. To ensure consistency for large lots, Ravago incorporates modern blending technology. To promote further recycling and conservation efforts, our methods rely on a closed loop water system which allows us to reclaim all water used in the cooling, vacuum, and production process
Through centralized packaging mechanisms, Ravago has the ability to effortlessly load a multitude of containers such as super sacks, bulk trucks, and corrugated boxes while ensuring accurate weights with the use calibrated of scales including an outstanding low profile, steel deck truck scale.
ETP products are reclaimed using a cutting edge purification process in Manchester TN for fibers, films and non-wovens for reuse in the automotive and industrial sectors. We provide a sustainable service to the entire industry by collecting, sorting and recycling Nylon and Polypropylene polymer waste streams at our manufacturing plants. Our goal is to divert useful waste streams from the landfill and monopolize on Ravago’s strength in polymer sales to find useful applications for all pedigrees of polymer waste.